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Frequently Asked Questions

Berber Space Morocco

1 - Is Morocco is a safe destination ?

Morocco is considered one of the safest countries in the Islamic world. Moroccans are friendly and helpful everywhere you go. The government is always proactive in protecting their customers During your tourists visiting Morocco, you find that the police are everywhere, so nothing to fear.

2 - What is the right time to travel to Morocco ?

The mild winter which lasts from September to April is a good time to visit Morocco. The days are warm and nights are cool.

3 - Where can I get money changed ?

On arrival in Morocco, with offices chnage of airports, ATMs or all banks are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 15am.

4 - What kind of clothes should I wear ?

It is preferable s''habiller respectfully not to attract attention to yourself and avoid the unwanted advances of others.

5 - What languages are spoken in Morocco ?

The official language is Arabic .. Berber dialects also cover a large part of the country. French is the dominant business language in central and southern Morocco. Spanish is often spoken in the extreme north and south, while English is spoken enough.

6 - And if do not speak the local languages ?

You will be accompanied by speaking staff is your mother tongue is English.

7 - Is it a problem if I take pictures of locals ?

Request permission to remain in a reasonable manner, especially before taking pictures of people on the streets and in rural areas. Make sure you bring camera batteries with you extra, because it is den very difficult to find outside the big cities of Morocco.

8 - What souvenirs or gifts should I bring to Morocco ?

Would you like to impress your friends or your family memebre with exotic gifts from Morocco, there are many wonderful items to buy, markets or spice colored carpets fabulously designed, handmade brass, copper pots cedar Please keep in mind that the quality of products is delayed, it is very important not to buy the first thing you encounter and negotiation is a part of culture Moroccan, so be prepared for that.

9 - Can I-drink tap water in Morocco ?

It is advisable not to drink tap water at all in Morocco. Because it contains high levels of minerals in the water than Europe.you should drink bottled water only.